4 Advantages of Steel Structure Construction
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4 Advantages of Steel Structure Construction

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Did you know that steel’s market share for single story industrial buildings has increased to over 90% and that it is now over 70% for multi-story non-residential buildings? 

Designers and steel companies in Dubai have long known about the many benefits of structural steel. Steel gives architects the ability to realize their vision, no matter how ambitious the project.  

If you were considering steel for your next construction job here are four great reasons to continue along that line of thought:

1.    Steel Promises Speedy Construction

If you need your building project to be up and running quickly, then you can’t go past steel. The design of steel structures and other components has no equal regarding deliverability and a speedy construction process. 

The knock-on effect of fast construction has many financial benefits including a quicker return on investment and reduced interest repayments for improved cash flow. 

2.    Long-life and Durability

There’s no denying that a steel frame creates some of the most durable constructions possible. They also won’t decay as quickly as other materials, or be susceptible to termites or rot. 

When the needs of a project change in the future it’s rare that a steel structure will need to be completely demolished, as they are easily refurbished and added to with very little disruption to the surrounding area.

Steel is also recyclable. Unlike other construction materials, it experiences no deterioration in strength or versatility. 

3.     Safety 

The fact that steel trusses can be manufactured off site for a faster on-site construction time means it is the safest choice. 

4.    Cost Savings

Steel has been steadily dropping in price and is cheaper than it was 15 years ago. This price drop is due to significant advances in the steel supply chain, and the subsequent cost savings applied at each stage along the line. 

Another advantage is that the popularity of steel means that there are always several steel structure contractors available which allow you to reap the benefit regarding finding the best price. 

While steel may not be suitable for every construction project, its strength and versatility means it has wide ranging uses in the construction industry. 

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