Garage Door Problems? What to Fix and What to Leave to the Experts
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Garage Door Problems? What to Fix and What to Leave to the Experts

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The problem with garage doors is that they are made up of moving parts. That’s a problem because moving parts wear out, require maintenance, and sometimes break despite your best efforts to prevent failures. Some problems you can fix yourself, but others need to be left to the experts, such as the professionals you would find at The trick is in knowing what you can do yourself, and what you should leave to the professionals.

Garage door openers have batteries which can last for years and for that reason it can be the last thing people think of when their garage door stops opening on command.  It’s usually a simple problem as many openers have replaceable batteries but you will need to go through a process of elimination to determine if this is indeed the problem.

The easiest way is to try another opener if more than one person lives in the household. Failing that, another simple test is to press the button on the wall in the garage to see if it still opens the door. Changing batteries is usually just a simple matter of removing a sliding latch, or undoing a small screw and putting in a replacement battery of the same type.

A misaligned track is a more significant issue that will probably need a professional to rectify. If the door runs situated on either side of the garage door are misaligned then there will be too much strain on the motor and its safety reverse switch will likely kick in as it notices pressure being applied to the door.

Tracks can get out of alignment if the foundation of the house shifts due to ground movement. If the tracks only need a slight adjustment then it’s possible for you to do it yourself by loosening the screws and tapping them gently with a mallet. If you think you might just make things worse then don’t hesitate to call a qualified professional.

All automatic steel garage doors have a safety mechanism built in which throws them in reverse should they come up against any object such as a garbage can, child’s toy, or even a small stone. Even tiny items, gum, or mud can build up in the runs and create enough resistance for the door to reverse, so it may not be immediately apparent that this is what the problem is. Give the tracks a good clean with a damp rag, inspect the area closely, and remove any obstructions.

If the garage door still fails to cooperate then it’s probably time you found a quality garage door repair contractor in your area. For year-round problem free operation, you might like to consider a service which provides an annual maintenance contract. These usually work out cheaper in the long run as they prevent catastrophic failures that are expensive to repair.