How are Commercial Cleaning Services Different from Residential Cleaning Services?
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How are Commercial Cleaning Services Different from Residential Cleaning Services?

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The differences between a commercial and residential cleaning service in Dubai are many and varied, with perhaps the biggest differences coming from the operations, profitability, and expectations areas. Cleaning a building which conducts commercial business is a lot different to cleaning a residential property. First off, a commercial property is just business and there is usually no emotional value attached to the premises. On the other hand, with a residential property, there can be plenty of emotion involved if a heirloom of immense sentimental value gets broken during the cleaning process.

Operational services are perhaps where the most differences lie when comparing the two. Commercial cleaning services usually happen at night while the staff are away and can’t get underfoot. However, there is a trend to cut costs by transferring the cleaning service to a day time activity as penalty rates do not apply. It has to be considered whether cleaning around staff is going to slow the whole process down to such a point that savings become negligible.

The flow of cash between the two services is also a major difference as commercial cleaning services are usually invoiced on a monthly basis. This means that cash flow needs to be carefully monitored to ensure operating expenses don’t exceed the monthly income. Staff usually get paid on a weekly or fortnightly basis so this also needs to be taken into account. Residential services such as a maid service are usually paid in full once the cleaning is completed, but this too has it challenges in terms of managing cash flow.

Demands on the business owner are very similar as each needs to provide business savvy in order to grow and maintain the business. Both businesses mustbe proficient in marketing, dealing with employees, liaising with vendors, and perhaps most importantly dealing with clients so they become regular customers and can provide a regular stream of income.

Security becomes an issue when comparing a residential cleaning service in Dubai and one of a more commercial nature. A residential customer usually has the option of remaining in the home while the cleaning service takes place. However, a commercial cleaning service will operate at times when there are no staff present. Therefore, commercial cleaning staff will need to be carefully vetted in order to determine their trustworthiness at working unsupervised in a commercial building.

And lastly, residential cleaning services are an option for the general public to use. Commercial cleaning on the other hand is compulsory and needs to be completed regularly, not only to comply with local laws but also to provide the best possible image to the paying public.