How to reduce Dubai electricity bills? Dewa's step-by-step solar power guide
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How to reduce Dubai electricity bills? Dewa's step-by-step solar power guide

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While we all enjoy the perks associated with being connected to an always on electrical grid most of us will also admit to begrudgingly handing over our hard earned month after month in order to pay for it. Fortunately, the government is actively taking steps to reduce our reliance on coal and gas as a source of energy and is instead opting to create infrastructure to use renewable resources such as solar power. As a result, it’s now easier than ever to become a part of the solar power initiative and save a few dollars along the way.  

The Sham’s Dubai Initiative is creating an easier way for residents to install photovoltaic systems in their home, which are then connected to Dewa’s electrical grid. In the past the process has been complicated by an influx of installers creating a confusing array of choices for the consumer. The Sham’s Dubai Initiative streamlines the process with a clear path for resident’s to follow – from determining if their property qualifies, all the way through to finalizing installation and connecting the system to the grid.

In the first instance the customer contacts any one of the approved electrical contractors in Dubai. The electrical contractor will then visit and assess the property to determine if it qualifies for a solar power system. If all the boxes for qualifying are ticked, then a further analysis of the property will be conducted to determine the most efficient solution.

The next step in the process is for the electrical contractor company to then seek approvals from Dewa to go ahead with the installation. This will include a NOC (National Occupations Classification) for the actual solar power installation and electrical works to connect the system to the power network, plus all necessary approvals for the solar system design. Once all the paperwork has been processed and approved the electrical contractors then set about completing the onsite work.

Once the installation is complete and connected to the electrical grid a Dewa official will conduct a technical inspection. If they are satisfied that everything is in compliance an electrical meter will then be installed to calculate energy consumption. Any excess energy produced by the solar power system will now be exported to the grid. The customer’s total bill will then be reduced based on how much excess energy is transferred to the power network.

There’s more at stake than just saving a few dollars on your power bill when you join the solar power revolution, as it also increases a properties appeal and value, preserves the environment, and stimulates Dubai’s economy for further economic growth. If you want to help create a more sustainable future contact any one of the local electrical contractors approved by Dewa in your area today.

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