Ideas to select an outstanding exhibition stand designer in UAE.
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Ideas to select an outstanding exhibition stand designer in UAE.

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If there’s anytime a business needs to stand out and make a statement it’s during an industry exhibition, and if you want to stand out you will need to go beyond the generic pop up stands and brochure stands.  

As your exhibition stand will be surrounded by dozens, if not hundreds of other businesses it’s important that your search for a stand designer includes only the best exhibition stand companies in Dubai. Here are a few tips on how to ensure your search is a successful one:

Start the Search Early

If your business is in Dubai, and the exhibition your business is attending is in Dubai then you can bet that quality exhibition stand design services in Dubai are suddenly going to be in high demand. You want to make sure you find a company you can work with before your competitors get to them first – so start your vetting process early.

Check Their Presence Online

Your first check should be to visit the stand designer’s website to see how well they present themselves to the online world. What is the size of their workshop, how much equipment do they have, do they look well organized, do they have adequate storage facilities, and how much of their work is outsourced?

Invite A Face to Face

Once you’re satisfied with the online presence of several stand designers it’s time to organize a face to face. It’s all well and good to look good online but if there is a personality clash then the stand design process is going to end up being an unpleasant struggle. Your part in the process is to be able to convey your vision of the display, with lots of creative input from the designer. As there is going to be a good deal of communication you want to make sure you and the designer can get along.

Review Their Previous Work

Every stand design should be unique so a review of past jobs will give you some insight into what the creative process of the designers you are considering will produce.

Once you have found four or five stand design companies you like it’s time to request a written proposal detailing their design ideas, how much space they will need based on your specifications, and of course the budget requirements. You can make all the above processes a lot easier by heading on over to who already have several quality businesses on file. You can send out your brief from one convenient location to receive multiple proposals and avoid the runaround.