Important Fire Safety Equipment For The Home
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Important Fire Safety Equipment For The Home

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In many areas of the world the minimum protection against fire required by law is a working smoke alarm. They do save lives after all, especially if the fire has broken out in the middle of the night while everyone is sleeping. As the family home is often the biggest investment of anyone’s lifetime then it can provide a lot of peace of mind if the home is also outfitted with a more robust fire fighting system, or at least provide an alternative avenue of escape.

Smoke detectors should be placed on every floor of the building, and at the top and base of all staircases. If the home has lengthy corridors, then a smoke alarm should be placed at each end. To ensure that all fire alarm systems are operating as required a monthly test should be conducted. Many deaths over the years could have been prevented if every home owner abided by this one simple requirement. To ensure maximum coverage you should contact reputable fire safety companies in Dubai, who can advise you on the correct placement of a fire detection system throughout your home.

The kitchen is another area which requires extra attention to fire and safety at home. Furnace areas are also a fire hazard so it makes sense that both of these areas should have a fire extinguisher positioned at the exit areas of these rooms. While a fire extinguisher is a great start they don’t help much if the family members don’t how to operate them, so all members of the family should know their locations and be trained in their use. Fire extinguishers also require a monthly evaluation in order to ensure they are maintained in full working condition.

In the case of homes with more than one story extra planning may be required in order to provide a useable escape route. Stair cases and long hallways may become cutoff in the event of a fire so collapsible ladders installed at strategic locations may save lives. These should be positioned near upper story windows. A sprinkler system may be an expensive option to install but they can automatically extinguish or isolate a fire to increase the chances of escape.

When you consider what is at stake it is important that you protect your family against fire. Fire and safety companies in UAE are available to help you outfit your home with the correct fire and safety equipment so you can have the peace of mind that comes from knowing you and your family are fully prepared should the worst happen.