Installing Kitchen Cabinets: How To Find the Right Company!
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Installing Kitchen Cabinets: How To Find the Right Company!

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Whether the kitchen cabinets need an overhaul, you need more room to store your kitchen accessories, or you just want a more modular kitchen, you’re going to need a suitably qualified carpenter. Carpenters come in a wide range of skillsets so your first job in finding a suitable candidate is to narrow down your choices to those who have the right qualifications and experience. Don’t get caught out with shoddy workmanship; use these tips to find the perfect carpenter for your next job.

Any decent tradesmen will have a collection of references they can give you which are checkable. If you get excuses when you ask, then it’s probably in your best interests to cross them off your list. It’s important that you don’t take references at face value as anybody can write a good reference even if it’s not real. Actually contact the referrer for verification.

People love to tell others when they use a tradesman who does an excellent job, but an even better way to find one to your liking is to check service websites, such as the carpentry section at Provilink, for carpenters in your area. A service site will provide a number of references for any contractor you care to examine, all in one neat location. While you might trust your friend’s advice this does not mean that what worked for them will work for you. Word of mouth also limits your choices somewhat as well.

Carpenters you hire to install your kitchen cupboards may not be able to install the shiny new kitchen tiles you have on order. Check out their range of services as some providers can do a complete kitchen overhaul - from kitchen countertops to kitchen tiling - while a smaller company may be limited to the joinery and cabinet making only. You may need to make use of other services to complete your project – for example, an electrician will be needed if your modern kitchen design includes a brand new kitchen hood system.

Don’t just settle on the first quote you see, even if you think it’s a bargain. At the very least you should check what other companies will do the work for to get a ballpark figure about what your job is worth. Explain every little detail you want in the job so nothing gets overlooked. In this case, too much detail is better than too little. You can always bring the price down by taking things out but it’s a lot harder to front up with more money if the quote isn’t accurate in your favor.