What to look for in Community Management Services?
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What to look for in Community Management Services?

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The average Home Owner’s Association (HOA) can easily become overwhelmed when trying to satisfy every need of the homeowner. Fortunately, there is an avenue they can turn to in order to ensure every home owner’s needs are met and that is by enlisting the services of a professional community management service.  Every community management service agreement is different, therefore it is vitally important you go over any contract with a fine toothed comb so you know exactly what the service is going to provide and what is going to be left out.

The fee should be the first item on the agenda. Many services will be included in the fee but a few will be left out, with many of them only being available with a further outlay. Management fees are sometimes structured as a percentage but it’s important that you don’t just go for lowest percentage when determining who you will use as your community manager, as the fine print will ultimately determine the real value of the fee.  It’s entirely possible that the 4% fee will not cover filling vacancies or evictions, while the 6% fee may include these services as standard.

Community management services aren’t much good without the financial resources to back them up. A community management service should therefore be able to collect the monthly dues from homeowners in a professional and efficient manner. They should also have account and budgeting expertise to handle expenses and income; something which most Home Owner’s Association volunteers lack.

A professional community manager will ultimately have to field a lot of complaints from disgruntled homeowners. Make sure your community management service can handle these complaints in a professional and courteous manner and that they hire only skilled personnel who can work with homeowners in addressing these complaints to a satisfactory conclusion.

Every neighborhood contains shared areas which need regular upkeep such as pools, sidewalks, playgrounds, picnic areas, and landscaping. When you are considering making use of one of the Owners Association Management Companies in Dubai, you will want to make sure they have relationships with specialists in each area who can do the job satisfactorily. A quality community management company will have a list of trusted professionals they can call on to keep the community up to an acceptable standard. Longstanding relationships usually come at a discounted price which can be passed on to the Owners Association Management.