Architecture Services in UAE

Buying a block of land and developing a building on it is a lengthy and detailed process, regardless of the project’s size. Once a suitable block of land has been located and acquired, the next step in the process is to design a building of suitable proportions that will make the best use of the land. This is where the property architect steps in.

For home builders it is important to use the services of an architect in the first instance. Going to a contractor with a series of hand drawn sketches to get an idea of the level of monetary investment needed is generally a bad idea. You will get inaccurate estimates and your design ideas may not even be suitable for your particular block of land. If you use these figures to get a loan from the bank then you may be borrowing too much, or worse still, too little to get the project underway.

Money will be saved in the long run when a qualified architect is brought in at the beginning of the project. The architect will be able to determine how much of the land can be used for building on, where the building needs to be situated, and how high it can go if it’s a multi-story project.

Most home builders have a fairly good idea of what they want in a house so the interview with potential architects will be your opportunity to provide this information. Being able to give the architect as many details as possible will likely ensure an accurate quote for the work. The architects will generally want to know how many bathrooms, how many bedrooms, how much living space you require, whether you want garages, sheds, patios, and how many levels you need.

It is recommended to interview at least 3 architects for any job as this would ensure that you are not being over quoted and that you get a good grasp on the fees and charges required for an architect’s services. Be sure to let the architect know about your selection process during the interview because if they realize that there is going to be some competition for the job they will price it accordingly. You will also need to know the value of follow-up charges, if any, should the architect be required for further consultation with other contractors such as builders, electricians and plumbers.

A preliminary design is drawn up and given to the home builder for them to examine, and then approve or make changes. Most architects will usually allow for one edit to a drawing before extra funds will be required, which is why the more details you can give in the first interview the better.  If you need more rooms, need to change indoor finishes, or need to relocate a few windows then this is the stage to do it. 

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