Aviation Warning Lights Supply , Installation and Maintenance in UAE

Aviation warning lights are a vital part of the aviation industry as they guide and warn pilots of impending obstructions to their flight path. It doesn’t take much imagination to realize just how vital these components are as they keep pilots, passengers and pedestrians down below safe from catastrophic collisions and the subsequent cost of damages and loss of life. It’s for this reason that the maintenance of aviation warning lights is subject to heavy legislation that enforces regular review of these lifesaving components to ensure they are always in operation.

Originally, aviation warning lights were of the high intensity xenon discharge flasher type, with the majority being a strong white light. The xenon flasher has become somewhat outdated and required a good deal of regular maintenance and replacement, adding significantly to the overall cost of ownership. Regulations being passed in various countries now see the red beacon being used almost exclusively at night while the white xenon flasher is reserved for daytime use. High powered red LED lamps are now the product of choice and have a number of advantages over the older xenon technology.

LED aviation warning lights and beacons require a considerably lower amount of power for the same light intensity when compared to the older xenon technology. They also have a conveniently long life span, with an expected 10 years of service before replacement is needed- making them a very cost effective solution.

Careful consideration should be given to choosing the company to install and maintain the aviation warning lights in your building. Put simply, albeit a little dramatically, failing warning lights may cost lives and put many people at risk. A low quality installation could also raise the cost of maintenance to an unsustainable level.

The total cost of ownership over the life of the system should be considered, with the installation being the smallest part of the entire cost of a system. A company who specializes in aviation warning lights and beacons should have an integrated solution that accounts for all aspects of installation and maintenance, and should be able to give you an accurate gauge as to the total cost of ownership so you don’t end up with any nasty surprises.

Technology is always changing so your chosen installation and maintenance company should always be up to date and able to inform you of the latest equipment coming to the marketplace.  This will ensure that you always have the latest technology offering the most safety features.