Blinds and Curtains Supplies in UAE

Blinds and curtains are very much a personal preference when it comes to the home but the style of décor will also play a great part in determining what will ultimately adorn the windows of any given room. From a business sense – and when comparing against curtains – there is also the aspect of the cleaning budget. Blinds are a great deal easier to maintain and keep clean then even the simplest styles of curtains.

There are three popular styles of window blinds in the marketplace; Venetian, roller, and Roman blinds. Venetian style blinds are mostly installed horizontally and are commonly available in aluminum, wood, and Eco wood (or faux wood). The Venetian is the type you are most likely to see adorning the smaller type windows in the kitchen and bathroom.

Roller blinds are almost universally created from 100% polyester and are the perfect choice if you want something that is going to last for years. They are durable, will not warp, or discolor over time like the wooden variety of blinds. If you need to install blinds in an area that is prone to moisture then roller blinds are definitely a good choice.

Roman blinds are the type of blinds you go for if you’re looking for a softer feel for the home as they can be created from a variety of fabrics to precisely suit your décor. Types of material that are popular for Roman blinds are polyester, linen, and cotton – which essentially means the available patterns and colors is virtually limitless. They are characterized by the way you roll up sections of the blind into stacks.

Certain colors can go well with any décor and for many businesses which work out of offices plain colors are the way to go. Of course there are other enterprises which may decide on a more elaborate color scheme, such as a marketing or advertising firm who may wish to use their window dressing as a way to help emphasize their creative flair.

Some businesses need to focus more on the safety and hygienic aspects of blind choices. Due to advancements in technology there are now quite a few choices in blinds which can enhance the safety and hygiene of many businesses. Flame retardant vertical blinds can help reduce chances of fire outbreaks. As blinds are the perfect place for bacteria to breed anti-bacterial coatings provide for an extra barrier against spreading disease in any medical practice or hospital. 

Curtains are an excellent choice for the home and come in a far reaching range of styles and colors. Your budget and your décor will go a long way to deciding what style of curtain will go the best with a particular room. One thing to note is that curtains are more problematic when it comes to cleaning, which is why they are not as popular a choice in the business place due to the high traffic nature of a business place. This is of little consequence in the average home.

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