BTU Meters in Dubai

British Thermal Unit (BTU) meters are used to measure the energy provided by a liquid flowing through them. These meters are most commonly used to measure the amount of chilled water usage provided by district cooling plants. Such plants provide cooling to surrounding buildings and communities by pumping chilled water, which is then either used to cool a property’s water supply or more commonly to provide air conditioning.

District cooling was introduced in Dubai and the rest of the United Arab Emirates as a greener more efficient way to cool homes and offices, which in turn saves the environment and is lighter on the pocket. Unfortunately, some of the developers chose not to install individual meters to each unit in an effort to save on their construction costs. As such, those developers failed to transfer the benefits of individual BTU meters to their investors by only installing one single BTU meter to the whole building or community. As a result, the residents and owners are now charged by dividing each building or community’s cooling bill by the respective built-up area they own or reside in.

As it stands, the occupants of identically sized units end up paying the same amount on cooling regardless of whether their cooling is switched on or off all the time. This method fails to encourage the resident to save or be economical with their consumption, especially if the resident is a tenant and it is the landlord who is footing the bill through the owners’ association service charges.

Luckily, there is a solution that many self-managed buildings are adopting. They are now liaising with the district cooling provider and are appointing specialist contractors to install individual BTU meters to all units. This has shown to save the owners as much as 40% of the annual service charges. Most costs associated with the installation are quickly recovered within the first year.

By using Provilink’s service, you can now find those specialist contractors and tender your requirements to find the best value service provider. 

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