Community Management Services in UAE

An Owners’ Association board can overcome the difficulties it may be experiencing in overseeing the management of a community by using Property Management services or what is also referred to as Community Management services. Many might consider it an odd thing for the Owner Association to actually need management. Doesn’t that amount to managing the manager and as such is a waste of resources? As most owner association members are volunteers with families and full time jobs, they may have a difficult time allocating the resources to effectively manage a community. In such cases, a community or association manager should be brought in to handle some of the finer details of running the community. 

Also, whenever a fledgling owner association community is formed, the new owners often have a hard time organizing all the many little things that need to be done around the community. In these cases, a Community Management provider can take the reins to ensure the community as a whole progresses according to an agreed upon vision by all members of the community.

Their primary role of community management is usually to head the owners’ association and oversee the maintenance and upkeep of all shared spaces in the community. It is also the duty of the community manager to keep all residents and members of the owners’ association abreast of changes and events happening around the community.

A fledgling HOA (Home Owners’ Association) board may enjoy further benefits of using the services of a professional Community Management team. Certain legal requirements need to be met and much paperwork needs to be completed before the board may be recognized as a legal entity. There are also bank accounts that need to be created to hold operating and reserve funds. Outsourcing these tasks to a management team allows the HOA to get on with the job of providing essential services to the rest of the community as quickly as possible.

A new community also needs services such as landscaping, trash removal, security and other general property management tasks that always seem to need attending to. The new HOA might not have developed the level of knowhow to properly evaluate suitable vendors for such services. Individual property owners are also unlikely to have the necessary experience as they usually have no requirement to arrange for these services on an individual basis. On the other hand, an experienced community management group will have staff with the knowledge and experience to efficiently arrange for these services.

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