Contractors in UAE

When you’ve finally decided that building your home is the right option for you the next most important task is learning how to filter through all of the available building contractors. The aim would be to find a contractor that you can work with to complete the project within budget and on time. Given that just about anybody can pick up a hammer these days and call themselves a builder, it may just well be the most important step you take.

Word of mouth and customer reviews are a powerful mode of advertising. However, each building contract is different and the contractor your friend may have just recommended might do quality work, but do they have the skills needed for the job you have in mind? By scheduling site visits and communicating with your potential contractors using Provilink’s platform, you are more likely to develop an informed opinion about which company’s skillset is most suitable for your particular needs.

Building contractors aren’t in the habit of broadcasting all the jobs they’ve done in the past that have turned out with less than stellar results but you still need to verify their work. Get at least five contact details of each contractor’s previous customers from the last two years or so.  This prevents them from handpicking only their best clients. Make sure you contact these customers and check things like what they thought about the contractor, what they didn’t like, did they get the job completed on time, would they hire them again, or would they recommend them to a friend.

Once you have a shortlist of contractors that passed this first stage you should start checking their credentials and make sure they have all the current licenses for the jurisdiction they operate in. Ensuring they have adequate liability insurance is also a good idea and get a copy of their credentials for your records.

Tell your contractor how you like to get involved in a project so there are no personality clashes. You may be the type who likes to micromanage everything with a hands on approach, or you could be the laid back type who is happy to leave it all to the professionals. Make sure your contractor knows all this up front so they can inform you as to whether they are going to be comfortable with your particular approach.

Once everything is decided you need to have an iron clad agreement stamped out. Get everything in writing such as start dates, stage completion and sign off dates, down payments, and the remaining balance that will be held back until job completion. 

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