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Traditional decking material is well known for its high level of maintenance. However, with new materials it is possible to create your dream deck without the fear that you will be tied down for days out of every year making sure it stays in pristine condition. Composite wood may be the material to solve all your problems.

It stands to reason that you will probably want to get a quote based on both composite wood and traditional wood planks. Provilink is the portal that can help you easily get in contact with providers and receive a number of quotes so you can easily compare your options.

Composite wood is created from wood fibers, plastics, and color pigments mixed together. Once the materials are mixed they are pressed and poured into molds to create shapes that resemble traditional lumber. Shapes can be solid or they can be hollow.

Wood has been used for decades to create many decks but the environment of the area has to be taken into consideration when building from wood. If the wood has not been properly pressure treated it will absorb moisture which will make it susceptible to rot and insect damage. Despite this treatment wood still needs regular maintenance.

If you opt for a wooden deck then you should expect to be spending a few days every year cleaning, painting, and sealing it. You should also be aware that an improperly maintained wooden deck will make you susceptible to the odd splinter or two as the wood degrades.

Composite wood has none of these problems. You will not need to paint it, stain it, or re-seal it. All that is required as far as maintenance is concerned is the occasional washing off with the garden hose. You’ll also always be able to enjoy your deck barefoot with no fears of getting a splinter.

There are a few problems that some people get concerned about in regards to composite wood decking. The color fades gradually over time, but slowly so you don’t notice it. If by chance you need to replace a single plank you will notice a drastic color difference. Over time the new boards will fade to match so it’s not that big of a deal for most people.

Although composite wood is very durable it is generally not repairable if it gets scratched. Scratches cannot be removed via sanding as with traditional wood. The only repair solution is via a replacement of the plank, hence the color problem in the preceding paragraph.

Price is another concern for many people with composite materials as the initial cost to build is much more than with traditional wood. It generally comes down to how much maintenance you are prepared to do each year, how long you want your decking to last, and how tolerant you are over mismatching colors should planks need to be replaced.

Don’t let yourself become confused over the choices in decking material. Get some advice from professionals in your area who can recommend an option that will be suitable for you and the location you live in. With Provilink’s comprehensive list of professionals already on file finding the information you need can be as simple as clicking a link.

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