Air Duct Cleaning Services in UAE

There are quite a few motivators at play for a home or business to keep their premises clean and tidy. Firstly, they probably want to keep it looking good, whether that be a source of pride to a homeowner, or whether it's a business who would like to impress on new and existing customers that they are a professional company who maintains high standards.

Health and safety are also prime motivators for maintaining a clean living or business environment. This means that even the parts of a building which are out of sight and somewhat out of mind should also be cleaned and maintained to provide for the health and comfort of those residing there, or conducting their business. One such area of a building that falls under this category is that of the air ducts in a building.

It certain climates the HVAC system needs to be in peak working order as it's failure could mean the loss of business for as long as it takes to repair - especially in high rises and office blocks where opening windows is generally not an option. Also, a failure to keep the air ducts clean could result in debris, mold, dust, and allergens building up to levels where they will eventually infiltrate the premises and be a source of health concern.

Other than the obvious health concerns there are other reasons to regularly make use of duct cleaning services. The foremost concern for most businesses would be one of savings. It has been discovered that removing even four-tenths of an inch of dust from cooling system coils results in an energy saving of up to 21 percent.

The last thing you want to have to put up with is odors in your home or business. Allowing build up of dust, mold, or mildew in your air duct could result in these unpleasant intrusions into your premises that even air fresheners have no hope of eliminating.

Nine out of ten air conditioning and central heating systems fail due to irregular or improper maintenance routines. The replacement parts and repair costs can be prohibitive. As new models come onto the market it's entirely possible that the part you need for your particular model may not even be available any more, further escalating the repair cost to a complete overhaul of the system.

Although a duct cleaning service should routinely inspect and clean your duct system it's also generally recommended that duct cleaning also takes place after any of the following events: water entering the ducts, flood, nearby fires, rodents and insects are seen in the ducts, and building renovation or remodeling.

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