Emergency Light Suppliers in UAE

Over the years emergency lighting systems have been responsible for saving countless lives. Installed in strategic locations along pathways, stairwells, in offices and hallways the emergency lighting system illuminates the way so occupants of the building may make it to safety in the event of a fire or natural disaster where the usual power supply may have been interrupted.

A well-designed emergency lighting system should be self-contained and be able to run efficiently and automatically. It should receive its power from either a central battery or from a conveniently located generator that automatically takes over the power supply during an interruption to the normal service.

Batteries and generators are only able to provide a small percentage of the power capacity required to run a building. As such, emergency lights should be able to adequately illuminate an area with minimal power usage to provide sufficient time to evacuate the building or until the power is restored.

Emergency lighting comes in all shapes and sizes so it’s important to know what to ask for when deciding on the right system for your building. Industrial areas will have different requirements to an office based enterprise. Industrial emergencies frequently expose emergency systems to high heat or high voltages, so it’s important that the lighting system be able to cope with that.

Schools and hospitals are required to provide adequate lighting and signage to make exits prominent in times of emergency. As a result, the system in these facilities should be able to provide both emergency lighting and signage to facilitate a quick exit from the building.

During the event of a power outage, a commercial enterprise would usually like to be able to carry on with business as usual. In such a case, a self-contained system could be installed to provide power to essential facilities in order to be able to serve customers in the usual capacity. For such situations, a central battery reserve would not be adequate, but power could be provided by a suitably sized generator.

When you’re determining your emergency lighting system needs for your building consult with a qualified company who can provide you with all of the answers. You will need a system that can provide adequate current at the correct voltage for a reasonable amount of time. Armed with this information, you will be in a good position to know whether your emergency system can get by on batteries, or whether you need a more substantial installation to ensure the safety of your staff and/or customers.