Energy Management Services in UAE

It is important for the owner and manager of a property to have an adequate means of determining the property’s energy expenditure for a variety of reasons. Firstly, it is one of economic reasons as determining what is using energy, and when it is using energy will give a baseline to help develop the best strategy for cutting down on energy expenditure.

Secondly, in creating more sustainable economies, many governments around the world are passing legislation that requires properties to become more efficient in water and electricity saving as part of resource conservation. These governments are using this legislation as part of an overall strategy to reduce their green-house gas emissions across the board.

Energy management then, is the focus placed on energy use and the strategies used to reduce it. There are generally two ways for a property to save on energy costs. One is to constantly strive to use the latest technology that is frequently developed for the sole purpose of doing the same job with less energy consumption. The second is achieving efficient energy utilization by knowing when the peak and off-peak energy times are, and accordingly using strategies to best take advantage of them.

In order to make the best decisions in energy management, an energy audit should be completed on all systems in operation. Effective measures may be put in place to achieve substantial energy saving by knowing what is using energy and when it does so. There are companies that can do this at a professional and detailed level.

Water savings may be increased by making use of new technology, which reduces not just the frequency of use, but also the amount of water. In order to make the urban landscape more appealing, many properties and communities make use of attractive gardens. Unfortunately, these gardens require a great deal of water in order to flourish. Wise choices in plants help to greatly reduce the amount of water needed, while intelligent irrigation systems may take the cost savings even further.

By using various sensors it is possible for electronically controlled irrigation systems to detect the moisture level in the soil. As such, these systems know when to water, turn off should it start raining and make use of efficient sprinkler heads that distribute the water more effectively. It is even possible for a sophisticated system to intelligently analyze the local weather forecast and use this information to keep the plant life around the building, compound, or community alive and flourishing.

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