Engineering Consultants in UAE

With the money and time building consultants could save you over the lifetime of a project, their services could make them worth their weight in gold. Even at the start of a project, delays in getting approvals for plans and designs can run into the many thousands of dollars if everything is not up to the required standards. An experienced property consultant could make sure the plans get approved the first time around and the go ahead for your property development is received much sooner.

A building consultant is intimately aware of all the codes and zoning regulations that will apply to your property and hiring one may cost you a small amount upfront. However, this cost is miniscule compared to the money that could be lost due to delays and resubmissions should there be a need to make any changes and amendments to the building plans and schematics.

Building consultants can provide you with a wide range of skills to help with the smooth transition from plan to physical building. Just some of these duties may include:

  • Solving disputes between the home builder and the local government such as line boundaries. The consultant could negotiate in place of the home builder and arrange to have all legal matters wrapped up saving time, money and stress.

  • Acting as a mediator between the construction company and the home builder when dealing with paperwork and could offer advice in key areas of the development process.

  • Drafting rebuttals and responses as well as setting new terms for the contract in the event of disputes.

  • Reviewing all legal documents and drafting contract proposals for whoever is heading the project.

  • Serving as project managers for larger projects and overseeing the entire development; reviewing all contracts, negotiating contracts, and serving as a mediator when appropriate.

  • Regardless of whether it is a multi-story project or a family home, a property consultant could make sure work sections are adequately compartmentalized and all facets of the project are progressing on time. If any issues arise then the consultant is there to handle them.  Having the knowledge and experience in such matters gives them a huge advantage in facilitating a fast turnaround.

When you hire a building consultant, a great majority of the stress causing situations are lifted from your shoulders. This way you can continue with concentrating on the more significant aspects of the job.