Escalator Maintenance and Repairing Companies in UAE

Escalators help to improve the flow of pedestrian traffic through buildings such as office blocks, subways, and shopping malls - to name just a few of their many applications. As many businesses rely on their escalators smooth operation a failure can cause costly interruptions to the day’s trading.

Accidents caused by any equipment on a premises opens up a business to expensive losses from fines, lawsuits or both – especially if the business is found negligent in its duty to keep the public safe. To prevent equipment malfunction, barring isolated and unforeseen incidents, then a routine of regular maintenance and inspection is a must, and should be factored into the monthly expenses.

Many companies who specialize in escalator installation have their own team of dedicated professionals to maintain them. Maintenance contracts can be tailored specifically to suit the size of the business, the hours of operation, the level of traffic the business experiences, and the number of escalators throughout the building, or buildings.

The main advantage to using the same company for both installation and maintenance is that they will have expert knowledge of their own equipment. Of course, sometimes these specialized services come at a premium price so it may also be a good idea to shop around for other services to ensure that you are getting value for money. Also keep in mind that service contracts are often negotiable, so it may be possible to lock in a lower price.

Smaller businesses will more than likely need to make do with an outside response team due to budget constraints. Larger buildings and businesses may have the resources available to have an in house team of technicians ready to maintain or fix any fault at a moment’s notice.

Unfortunately for small businesses, an outside team can lead to downtime if the contractor is currently experiencing a period where all its resources are currently utilized. Higher fees are usually expected as well should the drama of malfunctioning escalators unfold during the late evenings, or early mornings. Careful and regular maintenance will therefore go a long way to keeping these instances down to a minimum.

Equipment malfunctions can put the health and safety of both patrons and workers at risk which could jeopardize any business’s good name, should the worst happen and somebody be injured. Since there is so much riding on the continued and safe operation of the escalators in a business premise then it pays to use a team of qualified, experienced professionals to both install and maintain them.