Facilities Management Companies in UAE

Facilities Management is the management of the day-to-day tasks that include waste removal, cleaning, maintenance and upkeep of buildings, security and maintenance of HVAC systems. Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) services also generally fall under the duties of a facilities management provider.

As many of these categories require continuous monitoring, replacement, maintenance, or repair the task of facilities management is an ongoing process. The facilities manager also has a rather large task of keeping everything running smoothly, making sure that staff are satisfied, and keeping members of the community comfortable and safe.

Despite the many benefits of facility management, many businesses and property owners consider it to be a needless expense; often to their detriment. Using a management team that is dedicated to maintaining the state of land and properties can save a company or owner many times the fees used to pay for such services. A smoothly running system that is well maintained through good management is much more cost effective than fixing or replacing broken machinery, reducing the need for emergency services, and eliminating costly lawsuits that may arise because of injuries to residents or personnel.

Training new personnel is a costly investment for any business. If personnel are forced to work in dirty and unsafe environments, they invariably end up leaving for greener pastures. Ensuring the environment where the staff spends a major part of their day is safe and clean will likely mean they would not want to go elsewhere. You’ll also likely sleep better at night knowing that you have taken all considerable measures to make sure they have as safe a working environment as possible.

A well maintained building is also worth much more than a building that is in a sorry state of disrepair should the need arise to sell. When the time comes, you will be glad of the considerable effort your facilities management team has provided in keeping the building in a state of good repair, and one that you will be proud to show off to prospective buyers.

A good facilities management team is essential to the smooth running of any property. Rather than thinking of them as a needless expense, they should be thought of as an investment that can keep premises clean with residents and personnel safe while minimizing the day-to-day running costs.

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