Firefighting Solutions in UAE

If a fire happens to breakout at your property or place of business, the choice of firefighting equipment you have chosen to aid the firefighters may mean the difference between saving the property or having to accept the bill for a complete rebuild.

In any place of business, one of the first measures taken after a fire breakout is the usage of fire extinguishers. In most countries business owners are required to not just have fire extinguishers on the premises but also need to know how to use them and maintain them. The responsibility rests on the business owner’s shoulders to keep all of their staff and customers as safe as possible.

Fire extinguishers are created to battle only one particular type of fire. For instance, there are extinguishers that are only suitable for petrol fires, while another type of extinguishers can only be used on electrical fires. Knowing the difference between the different types of extinguishers and how each of them are utilized in the event of a fire can often mean the difference between life and death, for both staff and owners.

Sprinkler systems are also a requirement in most places of business. At first glance, you might think that a firefighting sprinkler system is a fairly simple piece of equipment but this is not so. A sprinkler system is highly tuned and designed to hold a lot of water under pressure for an extended period of time, and is always ready to deliver its payload in an instant should fire break out. It is made up of three components; the water supply, the control valve set, and the pipes and sprinklers that deliver the water to the fire.

Usually the water supply is provided by the same system that supplies water to the properties’ plumbing system. The valves are responsible for keeping the entire system charged with water and also for draining when maintenance and repair is required.

The pipes and sprinkler heads are perhaps the most complex part of the entire sprinkler system, as they need to cover the entire building.  Each pipe needs to be hydraulically calibrated to make the best use of the available water supply. Pipes are also reinforced to be able to withstand forces from high winds and earthquakes.

A careful selection process is needed when choosing a sprinkler head as there are many designs now available. Each type of sprinkler head will better suit a certain environment. For instance, sprinkler heads to be used in a warehouse differ from those to be used in an office environment.

Firefighting Solutions Offered by Professional Companies

1.Car Fire Extinguisher

Fire can spark up anywhere even in vehicles. A car with all its machinery parts like the engine and spark plugs can get ignited. This is why equipping your car with a fire extinguisher makes for an essential aspect of vehicle care. Likewise, you will be able to prevent a major fire breakout by using a fire extinguisher right when the fire is small. Provilink is a platform offering firefighting companies in UAE to help you save your vehicle. 

Types of Extinguishers

The fire extinguisher you need for your vehicle is more or less similar to the one you use regularly in the residential or business property. The only aspect that defines the extinguishers is that it is compact.

You can select between 1 kg or 2 kg powder-based fire extinguisher following all the regulations laid by the fire-safety departments. A dry powder fire extinguisher should have the marking of BC or ABC along with a CE Mark to certify its quality.

The extinguishers can be ideal for fighting four types of fires:

Class A Fires: Fires by wood, paper, fabrics, etc.
Class B Fires: Fire by petrol, combustible liquids, and grease
Class C Fires: Fires by inflammable gases

The service providing firefighting companies in UAE at Provilink

• Offer the best and the most affordable firefighting supplies in the right design depending on each type of vehicle. 
• The companies can offer you a complete range of certified fire extinguishers.
• The companies are specialists in fire safety and hence on checking the requirement by the vehicles, they will offer to install by fitting brackets or housing frames. 
• Specialists will also offer to check the weight, seal, and more about the functions of fire extinguishers.

2.Portable Fire Extinguisher

Fires in the vehicle can be due to overheating of the batteries or any other such issues. Owners of the vehicles might also have insurance, but it is painful to see your vehicle in flames, and you have no solution in hand. Top fire fighters urge every car or vehicle owner to take all the necessary precautionary measures and have the required firefighting equipment, including portable fire extinguishers.

3.Fire Blanket

Ideal for use on kitchen and electrical fires, the fire blankets are the best things to use to extinguish fires. They cannot be put to re-use and yet, it is a very necessary fabric for the homes and factories. The residential and commercial clients can go for this item from the companies selling them from Provilink.

• You can expect to look through a diverse range of fire blanket selling companies at Provilink. 
• Clients can expect timely maintenance checks of these extinguishers.

4.Mobile Fire Extinguishers

Industries will need the use of top quality of fire extinguishers, and mobile versions are the safest. These extinguishers can be of various types like the AFFF Foam, Monnex, and the CO2 Fire extinguisher. Provilink lists down special companies offering the best industrial firefighting solutions ranging from 20 kgs to 30 kgs. 

5.Firefighting Trailers

Heavy and light duty firefighting trailers are one of the most crucial elements for industrial use, which you can expect from Provilink. You will find a diverse range of pumps and engines from the reputed brands like Honda and Hoffman at your disposal from the companies.

6.Fire Cabinet

Popular as a flammable cabinet, this is vital equipment necessary for storing corrosive and flammable liquid containers. They get manual doors and powder coating to prevent catching fire. Clients across scientific labs and medical units can check these out for their safety. 

7.Fire Alarm

The system gets active as soon as the room detects smoke or presence of fire or carbon dioxide. Moreover, there are manual activation points and varying tones of alarm sirens. The sirens and sprinkler activation also comprise of the alarm. 

8.Fire Pumps and Controller

Serving the most advanced and efficient fire pumping stations and controllers are these companies listed on Provilink. They include all the devices and services that the technology can provide. 

9.Sprinkler System

We have already spoken about the sprinklers and the types of sprinklers to douse the fires. We have the best manufacturers for professional and high-rise fire fighting solutions too. 

10.Fire Extinguisher Refill

Fire extinguisher refill is another service that top fire fighting companies seek for and these supplies are also available online from Provilink. 

Services Clients Can Expect from Povilink

• The experts from these companies know where the fire extinguishers will be easy to access. The site is great for fire pumps and even for business owners. 

• The clients can expect a supply of the licensed and certified extinguishers for their vehicles. 

• The companies have professionals who will come with all the brackets and hardware to fit the extinguishers safe and yet handy. 

• Regular maintenance and servicing of these fire extinguishers will mean you can rely on these in case of an emergency without worries. 

It is always safe to assume that the type of firefighting equipment needed will vary between properties and the types of businesses conducted there. Once the property has been adequately supplied with firefighting equipment, it is then necessary to use the services of a professional firefighting equipment maintenance team to keep it all in good working order.

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