Firefighting Solutions in UAE

If a fire happens to breakout at your property or place of business, the choice of firefighting equipment you have chosen to aid the firefighters may mean the difference between saving the property or having to accept the bill for a complete rebuild.

In any place of business, one of the first measures taken after a fire breakout is the usage of fire extinguishers. In most countries business owners are required to not just have fire extinguishers on the premises but also need to know how to use them and maintain them. The responsibility rests on the business owner’s shoulders to keep all of their staff and customers as safe as possible.

Fire extinguishers are created to battle only one particular type of fire. For instance, there are extinguishers that are only suitable for petrol fires, while another type of extinguishers can only be used on electrical fires. Knowing the difference between the different types of extinguishers and how each of them are utilized in the event of a fire can often mean the difference between life and death, for both staff and owners.

Sprinkler systems are also a requirement in most places of business. At first glance, you might think that a firefighting sprinkler system is a fairly simple piece of equipment but this is not so. A sprinkler system is highly tuned and designed to hold a lot of water under pressure for an extended period of time, and is always ready to deliver its payload in an instant should fire break out. It is made up of three components; the water supply, the control valve set, and the pipes and sprinklers that deliver the water to the fire.

Usually the water supply is provided by the same system that supplies water to the properties’ plumbing system. The valves are responsible for keeping the entire system charged with water and also for draining when maintenance and repair is required.

The pipes and sprinkler heads are perhaps the most complex part of the entire sprinkler system, as they need to cover the entire building.  Each pipe needs to be hydraulically calibrated to make the best use of the available water supply. Pipes are also reinforced to be able to withstand forces from high winds and earthquakes.

A careful selection process is needed when choosing a sprinkler head as there are many designs now available. Each type of sprinkler head will better suit a certain environment. For instance, sprinkler heads to be used in a warehouse differ from those to be used in an office environment.

In summary, it is safe to assume that the type of firefighting equipment needed will vary between properties and the types of businesses conducted there. Once the property has been adequately supplied with firefighting equipment, it is then necessary to use the services of a professional firefighting equipment maintenance team to keep it all in good working order.

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