Fresh Water Supply in UAE

If you need to fill a swimming pool, hot tub, waterbed, gardening tank, drink fountains for an entire building, or quickly need to add the finishing touch to a landscaped pond then the best way to do this is to call up your local bulk water supply company.

The public water supply system rarely fails but when it does it can be catastrophic. Bulk water supply companies can also be used in these situations to provide much needed relief during a crisis or emergency situation – at least as far as maintaining a steady water supply is concerned.

Construction sites where the water supply has not yet been turned on will also benefit from bulk water supply to provide water not just for drinking but also for ground sprinklers, dust control, fire control systems, and flushing water systems.

Local governments are very strict on drinking water safety with very specific guidelines which need to be adhered to for public safety. This is understandable considering the potential for contaminated water to spread disease amongst a large population very quickly. When choosing your water supply company verify that they adhere to all safety procedures and have all the necessary permits in place that authorize them to supply water.

Trucks for fresh drinking water must be dedicated solely to the task and not perform dual tasks such as carrying recycled water or water that is to be used for construction or horticulture. Hoses and outlets on the truck should be capped with added protection from outside contamination when they are not in use. Reputable bulk water supply companies will have a schedule for routine inspections in place to ensure all safety measures are being followed and that tanks are routinely sanitized. Always check licenses so you know you are dealing with an accredited provider.

It can be a challenge to find a reputable bulk water supply company for the first time. At Provilink we take the hassle out of finding a company that fits your needs.  Log on, fill out your specifications, and let the water supply companies come to you. Yes, it’s that simple.