Garage Doors Installation and Repair Services in UAE

A garage where we can park our car off the street is a much sought after accessory but it doesn’t take long for us to become irritated at having to constantly get out of the car to lift it open – especially in foul weather. It’s for this reason that many choose to go the extra mile and install automatic garage doors for the added convenience. There is also the security aspect of automatic doors as we no longer have to get out of our vehicles after dark – vulnerable to nefarious personalities who may be lurking in the bushes.

The caveat of an automatic garage door of course is the extra level of maintenance they require. For most brands of garage doors there are repair and maintenance services who can make sure your garage door is operating in prime condition all year round for a reasonable cost.

Generally, for most households a repair service will be paid per service rather than monthly fees via an ongoing maintenance program. These services usually involve the service personnel checking out the various components of the door to make sure they are all in working order. The fee will cover the service cost, but in some cases a repair will need to be undertaken to prevent the garage door failing completely at a later date. A failing garage door can be very inconvenient – especially if you have gotten used to going out without the house keys because you always enter via the garage.

Garage doors can either be the metallic roll up kind or made up of panels that fold over each other – which are sometimes manufactured out of wood. In either case, if the door becomes damaged and misaligned in any way it can create a terrible racket. The last thing you want to do is annoy the neighbors every time you leave or enter the house. In some cases a simple repair is necessary to have the door operating smoothly but in rarer circumstances it may be required to have an entire installation replaced.

For buildings which provide secure parking for residences or personnel a much more viable and economical solution is to opt for a yearly maintenance plan. This will ensure all of the garage doors receive regular maintenance and you will always be promptly alerted about any repairs which need to be completed. Automatic doors are a fantastic convenience but be aware that maintenance and repair of these accessories can be many orders of magnitude more expensive than the manual variety.

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