Garbage Chute Installation and Maintenance in UAE

There’s no denying that a garbage chute can make the lives of management and residents in a building a much easier one. It’s no fun hauling a full can of rubbish down a few flights of stairs, or being forced to spend an elevator trip with someone who has smelly trash that is being taken out. A garbage chute could solve all of these problems.

Apartment buildings can derive the most benefit from a garbage chute. The reason for this is that apartment buildings are inherently multistoried, with multiple apartments on each story.  Having a centralized garbage chute makes it incredibly efficient for people to dispose of their garbage.

Garbage chutes also provide an economic advantage in that they keep garbage collection centralized. It is much easier and cheaper to collect the garbage into one large bin and have it carried away, than to dispose of garbage in smaller bins that are situated in multiple locations. Installing a garbage chute in a business block is also beneficial to the bottom line. Employees now no longer have a need to travel to the bottom floor to dispose of garbage, which can add up to hours of saved wages if there are a significant number of employees.

To have a new chute installed will require the original plans for the building. Companies who specialize in chute installation will use these drawings to evaluate the cost of installation. Without the drawings, pricing a new chute could involve a lot of guess work and extra time.

When you’re looking for a garbage chute installation company, check their prices for a maintenance schedule. It also pays to ensure they are going to have spare parts available such as hinges, handles and latches should your garbage chute require maintenance and repair in the future.

Garbage chutes provide a convenient avenue for people to do the right thing. Sadly, if garbage disposal is problematic then many people are going to take the easy way out and dump rubbish wherever it is convenient. This creates extra cleanup costs, as well as a pest and fire hazard. Make sure you have your building’s garbage under control by installing a garbage chute as soon as you are able to. 

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