Gate Barrier Services in UAE

Automatic gate barriers provide an economical means to control traffic for a building. With one of these systems installed, you can be sure that any traffic coming into the building is authorized and the valuable building space is not being used as free parking by the general public. 

Gate barriers with keycard access can have varying sizes and capabilities. You can have single gate, or multiple gates that allow control of authorized vehicles flowing in either direction. An automatic gate barrier provides security without the use of a hired security guard making them a very economical security system. Access is controlled without prejudice, unlike human personnel who may make mistakes due to tiredness, lack of vigilance or just plain laziness.

Another reason for having a gate barrier installed is one of insurance. With the right insurance policy, it is possible to save hundreds of dollars a year with the discount many insurance companies give for installing one of these building accessories. They may also add to the real estate value of the property should it come time to sell the building.

Standard automatic gate barriers will usually be crafted from wood or aluminum. For most situations this is fine as the general population do not want to damage their car via way of a forced entry. Other establishments may require a more robust solution in the form of a crash resistant barrier. They prevent forced entry via ramming and are excellent for security sensitive sites. Barriers created for these applications will be crafted from suitably thick metal pipes such as 2mm thick square MS pipe.

As many gate barriers are going to be exposed to environmental elements they will need to have some form of weather protection. Electromechanical drive units will need to be waterproofed against water entering the electrical components and keycard access devices will likewise need suitable protection from weather elements to ensure their ongoing operation.

Keycard access provides many security benefits to the traditional key system. For one thing, access can be timed. If after-hours access to a building is not appropriate for an employee, then it is an easy enough task to block access during those hours via way of software incorporated into the system. If a card becomes lost, it is less problematic to block access to the old one and re-issue a new one, than to have an entire set of keys replaced.  

Reporting measures available via a keycard access can also be beneficial to the operation of a business and its security. Logs can be recorded of the comings and goings of every employee with specific times of entry and exit. If thefts do occur in the business, it is a much easier process to eliminate the suspects via way of this log file. Used in conjunction with an automatic gate barrier, keycards become a much more powerful medium for controlling who gets to enter the building and when.