Generator Services in UAE

Emergency power generator systems, designed to provide enough power to a building during a blackout, are not a fix it and forget it solution. They require regular scheduled maintenance, testing, safety inspections, and also an occasional upgrade to improve service and efficiency.

In general, there are seven common power generator services that are regularly required in buildings that house a commercial enterprise. Each one requires the skills and services of knowledgeable and experienced personnel.

Generator rentals

In short the backup power plan needs a backup. If the system is being replaced, or has broken down then a generator rental service provider can provide you the most speedy and economical solution. A rental power system can also be sought when the existing system is unable to supply the requisite amount of power.

Infrared Scanning

Infrared scanning is a preventative maintenance measure that detects abnormal heating patterns in the electrical components that may indicate an imminent breakdown, or detect a small problem that could later become big. The entire generator system can usually be scanned in one day and is an excellent way to reduce costs if performed on an annual basis.

Retrofits and Upgrading

Modernizing an old system or performing a retrofit can add significantly to the lifespan of a Generator set & also improve the technology to increase its safety and efficiency.

Testing the Breakers

Breakers used in buildings pose a critical safety issue if not regularly checked, maintained, and replaced as needed. Breakers are designed to protect both workers and equipment from dangerous arcing. When a breaker is faulty the first sign is usually a fire or electric discharge.

Arc Flash Analysis

Performing an arc flash analysis is critical in determining the likelihood of them occurring and causing injury, fire, or loss of lives in extreme cases. An arc flash analysis should comply with the Fire Protection code in your particular area.

Testing the Load Bank

The genset is tested using a load bank to determine its level of operation. These tests are usually required should a genset fail to operate at 30% of the nameplate kilowatt rating for at least 30 minutes during a monthly test.

Scheduled Maintenance

Various areas of the genset require separate maintenance schedules which are: generators, transfer switches and switchgear. These should be performed monthly by experts familiar with commercial electrical systems, and are one of the most critical factors in keeping a genset in good working condition.

Every building requires a different power generation system. If you have an existing building or have recently purchased one, then the most optimum way to make sure you have the generator system that your building needs is to get in touch with a suitably qualified technician. Find the right professionals for maintaining your generators with