Intercom System Installation and Maintenance in UAE

Intercom systems can be a multipurpose security system for the home, multistory buildings and office block. But they are mostly used for much more benign communication purposes such as an interoffice communication system that keeps all staff members connected at the touch of a few buttons.

Typically, an intercom system can range from the relatively straightforward and simple, with a mouthpiece at the door and a connecting one in the house, or they can include an elaborate paging system. Such paging systems would allow you to reach a particular person situated at a certain desk with various users being assigned different channels. This type of intercom system can create  improved workflow as staff no longer have to leave their desks to get an answer to a simple query, nor do they rack up charges for frequent phone calls.

An intercom for the home with audio video capabilities can enhance the security of a home. By being able to see the person at the door, a single and vulnerable person at home no longer has to go to the door and open it to complete strangers. Intercoms with cameras can also have a handy feature that records the last person to stand in front of the camera. This can work in the favor of law enforcement if the individual last seen by the camera was the person who broke into your home.

For parents with young children an intercom is certainly no replacement for a baby sitter. However it can definitely put your mind at ease when you put the child down for their afternoon nap and you listen in at another location. You will know whether they are actually going to sleep, and you will also know the instant they wake up. 

Wireless technology seems to be invading every facet of the communications industry these days, with intercoms being no exception. It can certainly save on the cost of running wires through the building to connect each device. Homes and small offices are less problematic in using wireless technology but once you start using wireless inside an office block, interference to the signal starts to become a problem. 

There is also the added dilemma of outside sources being able to intercept the communications if they have the right technology.  To account for the interference around the office many systems boost the power, which also increases the range at which ill-intentioned individuals can listen in without being detected. To further combat this situation, most advanced intercom systems operating on wireless will be using digital signals that are encrypted. This prevents all but the most advanced industrial spy from listening in.

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