Landscaping Solutions in Dubai

One of the key areas a home-owners’ association, property owner or tenant like to make improvements in is the landscaping of the community. An area that looks nice will improve the value of the homes in the area, make it appealing for people to live there, and just generally have the community be a nice place to hang out in.

Unless you have plenty of spare time and a knack for the green stuff then doing your own landscaping is out of the question. Many people make landscaping out to be simpler than it is, but it takes dedication, passion, and a lot of know how to be successful as a landscaper. They know the plants, what makes them grow, what kills them and can discern all the little micro-climates in an area with a practiced eye.

Microclimates are little zones where the climate is slightly different to the majority of the area due to the amount of shade, sun and wind the area receives. Knowing how these areas are going to affect a plant, even if it is native to the area, is critical to creating a healthy garden and landscape.

If you’ve been convinced that a landscaping firm is for you or your community then there are a few things you need to find out about them before making a decision on who gets your contract. Depending on where you live there may be licenses needed to operate as a landscaper in a particular area. This ensures that the company you are dealing with is not a fly by night company, and will be around whenever you need support or advice.

Landscapes and gardens are a long-term deal and require regular maintenance and tender loving care. This can mean that there may be a bit more to it than pulling out a few weeds every now and then. Some plants need an attentive eye or will die off if not looked after correctly.

The best course of action is to draft out a long term contract for the landscaping company to check on the properties, make sure everything is in order, and give the plants what they need to flourish. Even lawn mowing is on the table for many landscapers as a service and it may be worth your while to include it as part of a complete package that will likely save you money, but will definitely save you time.

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