Legal Services in UAE

Real estate investors who are looking for legal help after being cheated by a developer for delays, discrepancies, in the quality, area purchased, or finishing

Help getting rid of a tenant who is not paying rent

Whenever anyone gets involved with property development, learning to manage risk is just part of the process. Risk is always there, lurking behind every deal - but knowing it’s there and how to manage it is what ultimately makes or breaks many a property development. Sadly, even when you think you may have a winning formula, dealing with sudden legal issues can turn a winning formula into a lousy one – especially when the services of a property lawyer is needed to navigate the legal minefield these deals can become.

The biggest risk most real estate investors take is one of not having enough knowledge. You may have read the latest book promising you millions of dollars from your very first deal, but these are rare cases and many of these books often make out that anyone can do it – all with no experience. As a result, many new investors jump in totally unprepared for what awaits them. Unfortunately, some unscrupulous developers are all too willing to take advantage of the relative newness of new investor.

Employing the services of a property lawyer for legal advice is always prudent advice – especially at the start of a deal to make sure the contract is iron clad. Part of the risk of any real estate investor is that they may end up in a property dispute with an unscrupulous developers. Jobs can fall behind schedule, quality of workmanship can be suspect, they may walk away from an unfinished job, or they may not have the qualifications needed to do it in the first place.  A property lawyer is the best course of action in all of these situations.