Lifeguards Services in UAE

Residential properties all over the country sport a swimming pool but quite a number of these pools present a safety hazard due to the fact that they are not being supervised by a qualified lifeguard. This is despite laws stating that all pools situated in residential buildings must have a lifeguard in attendance – or face heavy fines. Many building owners hire a lifeguard, but just as many are happy to save money by allowing the building watchman to overlook the pool.

Fines are costly. First time offenders will be looking at paying a hefty Dh3,000 fine. Further infringements only serve to increase the fine, and if the building owner continues to ignore the law then it is possible that the pool will be closed – a massive inconvenience to the residents living there. To prevent this from happening check out life guard services at Provilink, where you can preview a number of life guards offering their services and get quotes from one convenient location.

Being a life guard is a tiring job so two or more life guards will always be better than one. The attention span of a fully trained and qualified life guard is about 30 minutes. After that it is possible for them to miss somebody in distress even when they are in plain view. For this reason a lifeguard needs regular breaks in order to be effective, so having two on staff is usually recommended.

If you can’t afford two lifeguards then another staff member should be employed to keep people out of the water while the life guard takes a break. Residential areas with bigger pools should always have more than one lifeguard on duty.

Life guards should be professional in everything they do. While on duty they should have no distractions. This means no earbuds, cell phones, or eating and drinking. It goes without saying that they should also be suitably qualified so check out their qualifications and make sure they are current when you are considering a life guard for your pool.

Life guards need to be able to present a show of strength when dealing with users of the pool. People love to break the rules, even at the risk of causing harm to themselves or others. A life guard should be able to deal with this situation with confidence while still respecting an individual’s rights.

Don’t put your residents at risk by skimping on hiring life guards. Use Provilink to help you find the best life guards at the best prices, read reviews, and keep your clientele safe as they enjoy your facilities. Using Provilink’s list of reputable life guards in your area it will be a simple matter to sift through the candidates in order to find one or two who are the most suitable for the job.

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