Maintenance Cradles Services in UAE

The maintenance cradle is specialized equipment used for maintaining the exterior of high-rise buildings, and as such are most commonly used for cleaning. As workers are hanging on the side of buildings at elevated altitudes it is no surprise that the focus of such devices should be one of safety first.

For maximum safety a regular preventative maintenance schedule should be implemented. Preventative maintenance is required if equipment is going to remain in peak operating condition at all times, with failure of the device generally not being an option. System reliability is improved, confidence in your business is maintained, expensive downtime is avoided, and users remain safe while operating the equipment.

Usually it is recommended that the company who installs the equipment maintains it as they understandably have specialized knowledge of the equipment's operating parameters. Scheduled maintenance visits will need to have a detailed report ensuring that the equipment is operating efficiently. Any extra work required should be accompanied with a fully itemized quote for budgeting purposes.

To prevent missing maintenance visits and compromising the safety ensure any potential suppliers have a system in place which allows them to track this data. Software systems which track this data are highly recommended, as they remove human error and oversight.

Regulations require that cradle maintenance systems pass inspection and certification at regular intervals. Usually a functional test will be required on an annual basis that ensures the stability of the equipment. Once the equipment passes this rigorous testing procedure a certificate will be issued by the regulatory body.

Another item to check with the company who installs and maintains the maintenance cradle is that they have a well-stocked maintenance department. Should your cradle have a failure from any point its usually undesirable to have to wait for the spare part to be delivered from overseas or put on backorder, as downtime can often be very expensive.

In some areas new laws have been put in place with new requirements for all lifting equipment and lifting operations. If your equipment falls under this category but are not in a position to completely replace the system in order to remain compliant it may be possible to refurbish the existing system, rather than replace it entirely. Maintenance equipment usually comes with a limited lifespan but refurbishment can often be a cheaper alternative while extending the useful lifespan of your expensive maintenance cradle.