Marble Polishing Services in UAE

Marble is a metamorphic rock made up of mostly dolomite and calcite that is highly prized throughout the building industry. Its appeal stems mainly from its unique beauty, but it is also extremely durable when finished right and will last for many years while never seeming to go out of date. However, due to the calcite nature of marble it sometimes requires a special kind of care and maintenance to ensure it maintains its brilliance.

On its own marble is already fairly impermeable to the average stain or blemish but when you’re talking about marble surfaces in the kitchen, there are other factors to take into consideration such as the ability for the surface to remain hygienic. Marble with a highly polished sheen is also seen as a way to increase the attractiveness of this popular surfacing material, especially on floors and countertops.

Continuous use of any surface will gradually wear away the shine and luster, with marble being no exception. Unfortunately, the use of ordinary acidic cleaners pose a bit of a threat as they will generally create spots and discoloration. Even a small spot of water, if allowed to sit, can ruin an otherwise unblemished countertop. Marble is a popular surface for the bathroom but due to its calcite nature it will mar or blemish very easily from most spills.

Generally, a regular dusting and wiping down will take care of most issues. On a weekly basis marble surfaces should be cleaned with warm water and a natural cleanser. If any spills occur in the kitchen or bathroom areas, wiping down immediately is usually required to prevent discoloration.

Occasionally, despite all of the careful maintenance you regularly perform on your marble surfaces, you will notice dull spots or etch marks cropping up here and there. In these instances you are going to require a professional service to bring your beautiful marble finish back to its former glory. In most cases, a simple but professional marble polishing service is all that is needed to reinvigorate the marble’s shine.

Floor areas that experience heavy foot traffic will undoubtedly suffer a loss of sheen over a period of time. You will also likely notice that the marble has become somewhat discolored because of the constant abrasion. If this is the case, then it is time to call in professional finishers who can restore the marble. In these cases, a more extreme process of diamond grinding or diamond honing is required before any polishing.