Painting Services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi Painting Services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

One of the cheapest and most effective ways to give a house a new lease on life is to apply a fresh coat of paint. Many people consider painting to be a relatively simple chore and consider doing it themselves, but it actually looks easier than it is. As with most professions there is a lot of insider knowledge needed to get the job done to a high level of quality. Sure, anybody can slap on a coat of paint but a lot of do it yourselfers generally end up unhappy with the quality of their work.

If you watch a painter at work they can definitely make the job of painting look easy, and so can the do it yourself books with their step by step pictures. It pays to remember that when something looks easy it’s usually because of years and years of practice. And also don’t forget that the pictures in the books are usually taken of professional painters who likewise have years of experience.

A good paint job requires an eye for detail and an in depth knowledge of the tools and materials needed to get the job done. Quality painting can add years to the life of a building - especially when you are talking about the outside. Not applying the paint correctly, or even using the incorrect type of paint when environmental factors are at work can dramatically affect how well the building materials stand up to the test of time.  Quality paint work will keep the sun and the rain from wreaking havoc on your home.

Even if you have only decided to paint a single room on the inside of the house you still want a quality finish – hard to do when you lack the experience. Preparation is key and will ensure that the paint sticks and is applied evenly. An improperly prepared surface will have obvious patches where the paint appears to be several shades lighter than the rest. Much better to have an even finish that adds to the appeal of the room rather than a patchy job that detracts from the enjoyment of the time spent there.

Filling of cracks and holes also requires knowledge of how buildings are put together and the correct materials used to repair damaged surfaces. Failure to use the correct filler will see the patch falling out and possibly peeling the paint. This situation is much easier to prevent than fix.

If you’ve been convinced to call a professional for your next paint job be sure to query them on a few things. Ask them if they do the job themselves or is part of it completed via subcontractors? How long have they been in business and what sort of paints do they work with? Also make sure they are adequately insured and that they provide a warranty for a suitable length of time. 

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