Pest Control Services in Dubai Pest Control Services in Dubai

Typically, pest control services are regulated by the local municipality that has jurisdiction over them with laws in place to make sure they are not using any banned substances, which may pose a threat to the community.

Apart from the bug spray you find at your local supermarket, dealing with pests on your own is not a good idea. You’ll likely have a lot of trouble doing so anyway, due to restrictions on the availability of the poisons allowed for use, and the license needed to acquire them.

Pest control services are run by professionals who know their job. They know the bugs, they know what kills them, how much pesticide to use, and how to store it. All of these systems are in place to protect not just people, but the environment as well.

Like a lot of things in life pest control works best as a preventative measure rather than one of eradication. As such, pest control is best done at a maintenance level. That is, the pest control company should come in at regular intervals during the year and spray long lasting chemicals at strategic points around the property to prevent an infestation from occurring in the first place. This is where their expertise comes in handy as they know what attracts pests to a property in the first place, as well as all the sneaky little hiding places where pests are likely to hang out and breed. Most companies will recommend a minimum of yearly inspections with quarterly treatments coming highly recommended.

Make sure you know what your requirements are when you are about to receive an inspection or treatment. They may ask you to prepare the property in a certain way or have children stay somewhere else for a few hours while the chemicals settle in.

Once the inspection is complete you will be given a list of recommended procedures to carry out around the property, or properties. It is always best to comply with these recommendations to protect your investment, or the investment for members of the home-owners’ association.

When you come across the word pest control, what strikes to your mind is generally the problem with ants, cockroaches, bedbugs or the fleas. In addition to the common pest problems as above, the term also includes the problems arising out of spiders, beetles, termites and other birds besides rats or mice.

It is a general misconception that pest control can be done by you with off-the-shelf items from the supermarket. However, in reality, you will realize that whether it is cockroach control or rat control besides the termite control, it is a professional job requiring specialization. A person trained in the relevant field is aware of the type of pesticide, quantity, how to use the same and store it. As per the local municipality regulations, the necessary license is required to handle the pesticides. At times, certain poisonous ingredients of the pesticides may cause unavoidable problems. It is, therefore, prudent to allow the service providers from Provilink to handle the pest control.

Process of Pest Control

On receiving a request from you, a representative from our service provider schedules a visit at your convenient time. The process of pest control services commences with the inspection of the area and identification of the type required in containing the pest nuisance. The survey also includes finding out sneaky boroughs or the hiding places. The experienced persons of the pest control companies would be able to identify such hangout or the breeding places of the pest. The telltale signs of infestation are an important step in combating the menace, which a professional can perform with ease.

The survey includes indoors and the precincts of premises for effective control. Consequent upon completing the inspection of entire property or premises, the recommended procedures would be spelled out along with a budgetary quote for your approval.


Many people get confused with pest control and extermination and might use the words interchangeably. However, a professional knows the difference between the two. The pest control as a word suggests is only controlling the pest problem largely. However, when you “exterminate,” the process includes destroying the pest completely by killing. An expert in the field alone is aware of the gamut of pesticides to erase the pest from existence. You should know that even the pests play “trick” to come back at the first available opportunity. Therefore, the right methodology and appropriate pesticide and the places where the baits to be placed are important for a person engaged in the job of pest control in Dubai.

Moreover, exterminator uses toxic chemicals of high level than required. The pest controller, on the other hand, finds a professional way focusing on the hideouts and suggests altering the conditions to restrict the entry of pests. If necessary, the team uses eco-friendly chemicals unlike other pest control companies in Dubai

As a precautionary measure, it is advisable that the area is not accessible to kids or pets while the pest control process is in progress. This ensures that children are not exposed to the chemicals or other toxins harmful to them as well as pets in the house.


The unique characteristics and higher adaptability of fumigation techniques make the process more popular than other types of pest control, especially in controlling the insects and pest organisms above the ground. It is one of the methods adopted by the operators in controlling commodity pests besides the export material. In the “gassing” process, volatile gases or other chemicals, releasing the gases are present.

Our specialized companies of pest control Dubai at Provilink adopt many modern techniques of fumigation without disturbing the infested material. The improved formulations and other instrumentation for gas analysis and detection have diversified the usage of versatile fumigation methods.

An unprofessional use of the inappropriate ingredient in fumigation might spoil the structures and fittings or the materials besides destroying the growing plants and vegetation after germination.

USPs of our Provider Companies

The experts engaged in the job are professional in the entire pest control management regardless of the type of pest infested at your place. They undertake the pest control indoor, outdoor or even both in case you desire. They are flexible in undertaking either one-time service or enter an annual contract for effective control to protect you from the irritating pests like cockroaches, rats or bedbugs, etc. 

We suggest that periodical preventive maintenance would go a long way in controlling the pest menace regardless of the place, whether it is a home or an office.


You can feel free to contact us on phone or mail us the details to schedule an inspection for suggesting the further process. 


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