Property Survey Solutions in UAE Property Survey Solutions in UAE

A property survey is designed to determine not just the boundaries of the land but also the physical features of the property. Property owners are advised to utilize the services of a professional to correctly evaluate the potential of a property before handing over large sums of cash.

A property survey removes the guesswork and assumptions that may have arisen after a cursory inspection. Incorrect assumptions could result in disputes with neighbors over the exact location of a boundary line. Disagreements are unpleasant, but they can also have more dramatic consequences such as expensive lawsuits. To prevent such a tragedy from occurring make sure you schedule a professional property survey.

Some instances that may also require a property survey are mortgages form the bank, or insurance companies who wish to determine the true value of a property before deciding on an appropriate premium.

The survey will determine the level of risk the insurance company will be taking against a claim being made - such as properties that reside in flood zones. Depending on the location of the property some property surveys may be required by law, rather than being done simply as a safeguard measure.

Property surveys fall into distinct categories with the most basic being a drive by survey. This type of survey will outline the location of the house and provide a description of the surrounding area such as other structures which may also be situated on the property.  A drive by survey is usually reserved for residential type property, or land transfers.

More precise land measurements and layout will require a detailed survey. Metal or wooden stakes will be used to precisely mark the borders of the property. Old records are usually also examined in order to determine the original boundaries. A detailed survey is understandably more expensive but is sometimes needed to resolve disputes and will therefore save a lot of time and frustration if conducted before any disputes arise.

Licensed professionals should always be hired to perform property surveys as unlicensed individuals will have no credibility in a court case if legal proceedings take place.