Recycling Services in UAE Recycling Services in UAE

You shouldn’t just choose the first recycling company you find when you are doing the right thing and trying to create a more sustainable future for the planet. Provilink helps you do your due diligence on recycling businesses who are coming under your consideration. There’s not much point in you doing the right thing if the company you do business with isn’t recycling legally or doesn’t have the required licensing in place. 

It’s important to know what and who you are dealing with when you are considering offloading your recycling to a third party. Many countries have environmental legislation that makes it your legal duty to ensure that the company you are dealing with handles the material in an appropriate manner. Failure to do so could see you being dragged to court and fined over any infringements; with ignorance likely not being a valid excuse.

Recycling companies should therefore be open to a little investigation if it’s your head that is going to be in the noose should they fail to live up to expectations. Ask for a detailed breakdown on what happens to the waste after it leaves your premises. For example, you may ask what methods and chemicals they use to recover a usable product, and what the recovered materials are going to be used for. Visit their premises so you can check the operation for yourself and make sure everything is above board.

The recycler you choose to do business with should therefore have the legal authority to make use of the waste by holding the relevant license, and is also conveniently located in an area that is not going to make it difficult for them to pick up from you on a regular basis. They should also be able to offer a reasonable sum for your waste, or in certain circumstances only charge a moderate fee for taking it away.

Check what materials the recycling company handles as many are limited in what they are able to carry away. Most companies can deal with paper or plastic but as this commodity is not in short supply you may have to pay a nominal fee to have it removed. Ink printer cartridges, cans, and bottles are another matter entirely and many companies will gladly pay to take it off your hands.  

With these sorts of deals available it may be possible to recover some of the expenses involved in consuming these items by reselling the used product back to a recycler.

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