Security Cameras Supply and Installation in UAE Security Cameras Supply and Installation in UAE

In today’s world of rising crime, it has become an increasing necessity for businesses and residential areas to make use of security cameras. They provide an added measure of security and are also immensely useful in the detection and prevention of crime.

The modern security camera of today is much more flexible and useful than its predecessors. Part of the reason for this is due to the digital and wireless revolution. Once an expensive and time consuming process that could only be done by crawling through roofs and laying many feet of cable, has now become much easier to install in order to provide 24/7 monitoring.

Wireless cameras that have IP (Internet Protocol) capability can be installed in strategic locations and set to deliver their images wirelessly. These images can be recorded on a server or computer that may be located just next door, or on the other side of the planet. Used in conjunction with a smart phone, a user can log in to their IP Cam to get real time footage of what is going on in the vicinity of the camera right then and there, no matter where they are in the world. All they need is an Internet connection; something that all smartphones are now capable of.

Sophisticated IP cameras are also able to send alerts via SMS whenever they detect activity, making it a simple process to call the police, who can then catch the crooks red handed.

CCTV (Closed Circuit TV) is also an important measure still in popular use for the detection and prevention of crime. Highly visible units may deter all but the most reckless of criminals. As a means of monitoring employees, CCTV is also very effective. Careful consideration should be made as to their placement to ensure adequate coverage of all areas. You can be sure that any blind spots are likely to be discovered and taken advantage of by the somewhat less than productive employees.

The area to be monitored will usually determine the type of security camera that is needed. Cameras designed to survey an area in low light will need to have low light capability built in. Likewise a camera that is going to be used to monitor dark rooms after everyone has gone home will need to have a night vision system built in. Recent advances in technology have made the IR LED an extremely capable device and low light images can now be recorded with unprecedented visual clarity.

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