Security Cameras Supply and Installation in UAE Security Cameras Supply and Installation in UAE

In today’s world of rising crime, it has become an increasing necessity for businesses and residential areas to make use of security cameras. They provide an added measure of security and are also immensely useful in the detection and prevention of crime.

The modern security camera of today is much more flexible and useful than its predecessors. Part of the reason for this is due to the digital and wireless revolution. Once an expensive and time consuming process that could only be done by crawling through roofs and laying many feet of cable, has now become much easier to install in order to provide 24/7 monitoring.

IP Camera

Wireless cameras that have IP (Internet Protocol) capability can be installed in strategic locations and set to deliver their images wirelessly. These images can be recorded on a server or computer that may be located just next door, or on the other side of the planet. Used in conjunction with a smart phone, a user can log in to their IP Cam to get real time footage of what is going on in the vicinity of the camera right then and there, no matter where they are in the world. All they need is an Internet connection; something that all smartphones are now capable of.

Sophisticated IP cameras are also able to send alerts via SMS whenever they detect activity, making it a simple process to call the police, who can then catch the crooks red handed.

PTZ Camera

PTZ Camera or the Pan Tilt Zoom Camera is another type of wireless camera mainly used outdoors by the owners. It can capture high-quality surveillance video images from any angle. Moreover, the user can turn the camera angle remotely and focus it anywhere. This surveillance camera can also be used indoors to monitor different areas of your home or office. The customers can view premises with the help of a mobile device or the PC.

CCTV Camera

CCTV (Closed Circuit TV) is also an important measure still in popular use for the detection and prevention of crime. Highly visible units may deter all but the most reckless of criminals. As a means of monitoring employees, CCTV is also very effective. Careful consideration should be made as to their placement to ensure adequate coverage of all areas. You can be sure that any blind spots are likely to be discovered and taken advantage of by the somewhat less than productive employees.

The area to be monitored will usually determine the type of security camera that is needed. Cameras designed to survey an area in low light will need to have low light capability built in. Likewise a camera that is going to be used to monitor dark rooms after everyone has gone home will need to have a night vision system built in. Recent advances in technology have made the IR LED an extremely capable device and low light images can now be recorded with unprecedented visual clarity.

Provilink serves as an excellent platform for those who are in search of installing such security cameras for domestic or commercial purposes. Apart from installation, we also offer professional service of repair and maintenance of your security cameras in your vicinity.

CCTV Installation

This is becoming significant because of the increased crime rates in the developed or developing countries. The business owners mostly use Closed Circuit Television security cameras. The presence of CCTV cameras provides a sense of protection to the employees and employers. The residents are also opting for the CCTV installation Dubai. You can hire a professional team for the installation from one of the best CCTV Companies in Dubai like Provilink to get the best security results.

Our expert team has profound knowledge about varied types of CCTV products like Day/Night camera, Infrared/Night Vision camera, IR Mini Dome camera, Dome camera, Dome Varifocal camera, Network/IP camera, Bullet camera, C-Mount camera, Wireless CCTV camera, HDCVI cameras, and High-Definition HD camera. We can install CCTV cameras of all renowned brands like Panasonic, HIK Vision, CP Plus, Samsung, and Bosch. We offer the following installation services:  

• Assessing the site by our professionals to know about the right placement of CCTV camera
• Arranging the DVR system
• Demonstrating the basic operation of camera
• Complete installation of the purchased security camera
• Routing the cables from the main power source to the camera and then routing back to the DVR system
• The arrangement of devices like LCD, Smartphone or Tablet is made to have CCTV observation remotely

CCTV Repair Services

When you encounter the malfunctioning of your CCTV camera, the first thing that clicks your mind is to contact a professional CCTV repair service provider near your area. We, at Provilink, are aware about the nitty-gritty of searching a perfect service partner. Thus, we offer a platform from where you can hire professional service providers for onsite assistance. You can do this by just visiting our site, call at the respective number, and avail excellent CCTV repair solutions without wasting your time. Our experts are specialized in fixing the security camera issues of most of the brands available in the market including,

• Lens repair service or replacement
• Fix the issues of Infrared LED board as well as Power board
• Repair or replace CMOS or CCD image sensor
• Responsible to fix the wear and tear in the cables to avoid any short circuits

Maintenance of Security Cameras

The security cameras are a major investment for keeping your home and office areas safe. For this, they should be kept in a good condition. Thus, hire the professionals from a reputed company of UAE, Provilink, to avail the following maintenance service for your security cameras.

1. Cleaning of Camera Lenses - It is important to clean the camera lenses from dirt, water spots, smudges, etc. This will not hamper the video and picture quality as it will assist in taking clear images of the person’s movement.
2. Undertake Annual or Bi-Monthly Inspections - If there are signs of corrosion then it is necessary to remove the connectors. This will not result in any short circuit. Our professionals also check the power supply so that it is not lost due to the storm, fire, tampering, etc.
3. Keep a Clear View – The experts from Provilink reviews all your outdoor and indoor cameras installed and ensure that they all have a clearer view. If there are any bushes, vines, or another sort of landscaping, they are there to trim them. They also keep an eye if the birds have not built any nests. If they find any, it is removed from our professionals.
4. Updating the Software – Our experts will thoroughly check the storage settings of the PC by examining the functioning of hard drives. The hardware system capacity and storage must be enough to save data. They will also update the firmware and software to the latest versions as per the requirement.


The customers who are looking forward to the annual maintenance contract for their home security cameras or for commercial purpose can contact our advisors at Provilink. Our company brings forth the best maintenance service professionals with great customer reviews and affordable quotes. Moreover, their skills are updated on a regular basis to serve the customers with outstanding quality. They are ready to face any complex issue regarding security cameras.

Thus, if you require help in installing the CCTV camera in your home or office, or for any technical issues, visit our site Provilink and contact our respective service providers. You can even compare the quotes of other provider companies available here to get the best one.

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