Shoring and Piling Services in UAE Shoring and Piling Services in UAE

Shoring and piling are two different construction techniques but which both provide ground support for the construction process. In the case of piling piles constructed from concrete, timber, or steel are driven deep into the ground to lend strength to a building surface that otherwise would not be able to support the load of a building.

There are many different options in piling depending on the driving method and the type of machinery used. Research into construction techniques are always improving the piling technology which increases the range of choices from year to year. Regardless of the piling method used it is an important strategy for adding ground support except in cases where the ground is hard enough and strong enough to support the load on its own.

Shoring is another process which provides support to the construction process via a variety of materials including wood, metal, and other materials to prevent a collapse. In the case of both new construction, remodeling, and repairs shoring is often used to keep workers safe. Other reasons for shoring may be to provide support for an incomplete structure that may not be able to support itself during the construction phase. In these cases the shoring is temporary and is removed once the building is at a stage where it can support itself.

Shoring is also often employed during a remodel as the remodel may necessitate the removal of previously installed structural supports. Shoring is then used to support the building and keep it stable while the remodeling takes place. Once the work is complete the shoring is then removed.

Shoring and piling are building strategies which are often required by law according to the local building codes. There a services who specialize in shoring and piling who can travel to a site in order to evaluate the needs of the construction project. Once the evaluation is complete they will then be in a position to provide the necessary materials, equipment, and expertise to ensure the construction process can be completed, and that it remains in compliance with all building codes.

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