Shutter Doors Installation and Repair in UAE Shutter Doors Installation and Repair in UAE

For secure retail entrances, delivery entrances, garages, and storage buildings a strong and long lasting solution is always needed. A popular measure many of these organizations use is the rolling shutter door. These doors are extremely strong yet will endure constant use for years without getting stuck or wearing out. 

Various materials are available depending on the use you want to put the door to. Rolling shutter doors specifically used for retail establishments – typically those located inside a shopping mall - will need security while still allowing light to enter the premises. For these types of outlets punched aluminum is a good preference.

Punched aluminum is an excellent choice for shopping mall outlets as passersby will still be able to view the ware even though the shop may be closed. The outlet also maintains an attractive front so as not to detract from the attractiveness of the rest of the mall, and as the premises is located inside the mall there should be no concerns about the weather.

Maximum security where appearance may take a back seat can be had with industrial shutter doors. These are usually manufactured from solid steel and are an excellent option for businesses where security is more of a concern than aesthetics. Of course, the monetary outlay is going to be considerably more but a higher price is a necessary compromise when security and the protection of valuable goods is a prime concern.

When you choose a provider be sure they are also close at hand to be able to offer maintenance services as a long service life for the door will require regular maintenance, and occasionally repairs. The supplier of the product is usually best suited to maintain the equipment. It’s also wise to check that they have around the clock service so you are not caught out at any time with doors that are malfunctioning.

Rolling shutter doors are also available to secure windows on premises. At night during closing times, or otherwise when the premises are unattended, the shutter doors can completely enclose the window with a strong covering that is difficult to penetrate by all but the most determined and well equipped thief. The shutters do not detract from the attractiveness of the building while effectively denying an easy and alternative means of illegal entry.


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