Smart Home Systems Supply and Installation in UAE Smart Home Systems Supply and Installation in UAE

Whether you live in an older home or are considering building from scratch it pays to consider the money saving which can be had via smart home systems. Many consider these systems to be a luxury investment but with our increasing energy needs (not to mention costs) they can actually pay for themselves many times over in the space of a few short years, just in the heating and cooling costs alone.

Those who have children know the cost of a lack of diligence in making sure all lights, air conditioning, and ceiling fans are turned off in an unoccupied room. A sophisticated smart home system can take control of these systems and ensure that these items are in use only while someone is using the room. Once the person leaves the area all of these energy consuming devices are switched off – thus saving you a lot of money over the years.

Many clever home automation systems can be made aware of the surrounding environment and provide the correct amount of lighting and cooling to suit. Blinds can be automated to open or close depending on the lighting levels (and also help to keep a room cool), lights can be dimmed or brightened, windows opened or closed, and air conditioning can automatically be set so as to provide maximum comfort with minimum energy expenditure. Many modern TVs can automatically turn themselves off when nobody is watching them, and set their brightness levels according to the level of light in the room.

For the security conscious an automated system can be set to constantly survey your home for intruders and alert the authorities should suspicious activity be detected. Power saving is achieved by using motion detection to activate a camera and recorder rather than having them in a perpetually on state. Once activity is detected the camera swings into action, with the more sophisticated models being able to track the motion in light or dark conditions, thus increasing their field of view and usefulness exponentially.

Check your property remotely using nothing more than your smartphone and an Internet connection and record suspicious activity with a system that automatically uploads video surveillance to a remote web address. An excellent feature to have should you need evidence to present to the authorities. Gain secure access to your property via an automated gate system that detects when your car is close and opens and closes the gate accordingly.

Smart home systems are getting more and more sophisticated every day and with the price drop in wireless control systems they are becoming more affordable. The dilemma of whether you switched the iron off will be a thing of the past as you log in and remotely check it via your smartphone.