Solar Panels Supply and Installation in UAE Solar Panels Supply and Installation in UAE

With the rising cost of energy and the depletion of non-renewable resources the world is looking for ways to decrease their dependence on traditional energy sources. Solar panels have quickly taken up favorite position as an option for a number of reasons. Once the manufacturing process is complete solar panels make no further demands from the environment. They are quiet in their operation, have a long life span, and with ongoing research new techniques and manufacturing processes are constantly being developed to generate more power from a smaller surface area.

A major advantage to plugging your property into the electrical supply grid via solar panels is that any surplus energy is pumped back into the grid which is then offset against your account in the form of credits. With a sufficiently large enough system solar panels can effectively pay for themselves in a few short years. Currently the technology exists to generate 20 to 50 percent of a producer’s power requirements which promises significant savings off the power bill each month.

Anyone can apply to install solar panels all across Dubai, whether it be a commercial enterprise or a residential property. Freehold owners are not left out as they have the option to install solar panels collectively through their homeowner’s association.

The installation process of installing panels needs to be conducted by authorized professionals to ensure the structural integrity of the building remains intact. In Dubai it is recommended to only use qualified installers who are registered with Dewa. This will ensure that all panels are of high quality and warranties remain valid for the entire life of the system.

Once you have a shortlist of credible installers more due diligence is required. A quick view of their website will give you a good idea as to their level of professionalism. Check for professional accreditations and make sure that they are still current with the accrediting body. From there you will want to interview your shortlist so you can be satisfied that they will provide a quality service. Things to check will be warranty terms and conditions, post installation service, and of course the cost of the installation itself.

You can make the above process a lot simpler by utilizing the services provided by We have a number of providers already registered with our service who have been screened and found to be reputable businesses with an excellent track record.  With the ability to contact a number of suppliers all from the one convenient location it is now much easier to find a contractor who is available when you need them.

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