Steel Structures Services in UAE Steel Structures Services in UAE

While there are numerous choices to building materials the one that sets the benchmark for all others is steel. Steel sets the standard for structural materials and provides numerous benefits over concrete when used in building all types of structures – from houses to office blocks.

Steel offers an excellent weight to strength ratio. A concrete building of comparable size to a steel structure will be 8 to 9 times heavier. The lighter a building the better it will handle seismic forces – which is a huge advantage in the event of an earthquake. Concrete is stronger than steel but will crack under pressure from seismic activity. Steel frames are also more resistant to the high winds created by hurricanes and tornados.

A lighter building means less material which leads to cheaper building costs.  Steel is also resistant to termites and is impervious to rot. At the end of a building’s life steel can be recycled more efficiently than concrete. Concrete is recyclable but it is more difficult as it has to be broken down and has somewhat limited uses. While steel needs to be melted down but there is no limit to how often it can be re-used. However, once concrete is broken down it is at the end of its lifecycle with the next step being landfill.

Steel also promises a faster construction time as the frame is created at a factory and delivered to the site. Without the need to measure and cut beams to size on site a building can go up a lot faster than a comparably sized concrete structure. There is also the factor of less noise at the site – and a reduced amount of trash which needs to be collected and removed.

When choosing a steel fabrication company for your building project ensure that they are qualified for installation as well as fabrication. They should also have the infrastructure to handle large sizes and weights. If not they will more than likely use sub-contractors which you may need to vet in order to determine if they are reliable. There should be inspection and sign off periods at every stage of the job to ensure that all facets of the project are of the highest quality.

Fabricated steel structures are in high demand due to their high strength, cheaper costs, and faster erection times. As Provilink have a screening process in place so only high quality reputable enterprises are listed you can find the best business for your next steel structure project. Provilink gives you the ability to contact a number of suppliers in the one convenient location, which makes your job a lot easier.

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