Water Purification Services in UAE Water Purification Services in UAE

With the multitude of water purification devices on the market today it’s hard to get bogged down when trying to choose the right product for your needs. We now live in word where even our tap water can no longer be considered clean and pure. With chlorine now being linked to dandruff and hair loss it is even more important to make the right choices in the purification of your drinking water.

The first place to start in your hunt for a water purification system is by determining what type of filtration system you want to use – with each one having various pros and cons. Three popular types in the market place today are point of use, reverse osmosis, and activated carbon. There are a few other types available but for the most part these are what are used in most homes.  With Provilink you can easily contact providers to get all the information you need to make an informed choice.

In times past the osmosis method was the preferred filtration technique but many now consider it to be an inferior option. Water runs through a permeable filter designed to block out the larger particulates contaminating it. This works great for molecules larger than water but is not so good for many of the smaller herbicides now getting into our water supply. The biggest advantage for osmosis type filters is their price. If price is your main concern then this type of filter may be better than nothing at all.

Point of use water purification does not make use of a filter per se. Instead it uses a heating coil to vaporize the water which is moved into a cooling chamber where it condenses back into liquid form. The resulting fluid is somewhat cleaner but this technique is unable to remove organic contaminants. Compounding the problem further is the fact that this method of water filtration also removes minerals in the water that are essential to good health.

Activated carbon is currently the biggest achievement in water filtration. These systems can be created to remove just about every harmful substance created by man, while keeping all the vital minerals present. Activated carbon is so good that many physicians are recommending them for their patients. The only downsides are their price and the extra maintenance they require, but if you are after the purest water possible then active carbon is the way to go.

Don’t put the health and well-being of your family at risk by not utilizing a water purification system. Provilink can help put you in touch with some of the best providers in your local area.  Choosing your water purification system has never been easier.