Water Testing in Dubai Water Testing in Dubai

Whenever we turn on the tap or jump in the pool we always assume that if the water looks nice and clear then it should be safe. Unfortunately all water is contaminated to a degree but it is the level of contamination which can either make the water safe at one level, or be a health hazard at another.  Just because water looks clean does not mean that it’s safe to drink or swim in. More and more countries around the world are coming to terms with what a precious resource fresh water is and are creating health and safety legislation to ensure it remains safe for all.

There are many diseases which can exist and spread rapidly in a water supply which are deadly to humans. If we look at Legionella as an example, an outbreak of this disease in a hospital, office building, or hotel can have disastrous and life threatening consequences to hundreds of people in a very short amount of time.

With the vast array of methods used around the world to minimize risk it can be difficult to know where to start in keeping your water safe for human consumption or for swimming in. Provilink know how much of a challenge it is so they have reached out to experienced service providers who can help you remain compliant with your local legislation.

While testing water is a large part of ensuring water is safe there are quite a few background processes which ensure testing always returns a positive result. You will need to have a water safety plan in place, and keep a log book. Plus you will need to treat and monitor all facets of your water supply including tanks, water outlets, cooling towers, showers, water features, spas, and pools.

Routine disinfection of remedial tanks is also necessary and you will need to employ a wide range of water treatment chemistries to create a reliable and safe water supply. Such a large responsibility may be a little overwhelming which is where water testing services come into play to make your life easier. A quality water testing service will help you put all of these systems in place without all of the stress.  

There are a number of high quality services available to help you ensure you and your business have adequate systems in order to maintain clean water that is free of contaminants and remains in compliance. Provilink have reached out to only the most reputable and reliable companies so you know you are going to get a quality service from start to finish. You can find water testing services in your area by visiting our service provider’s page. 

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