Water Treatment Services in UAE Water Treatment Services in UAE

Despite the earth being covered with 71% water, the fresh water variant of this vital substance for all life is a dwindling resource. Subsequently, our water supply needs to be cleaned and washed on occasion in order to be re-used for drinking, irrigation, or manufacturing. So it is safe to say that conserving our valuable freshwater supply makes both economic and environmental sense to a business.

With advanced treatment almost all forms of impurity can be removed from the water until it is of sufficient quality that it can either be recycled and reused, or safely released into the environment.

With water being such an expensive resource many businesses now see an economic need to process their waste water in order to ensure an adequate supply for the future. Government policy also ensures that businesses treat their waste water so it does not create an environmental impact should it be released back into the earth’s natural systems. Failure to do so may incur heavy penalties.   

The system used to recycle water is called an effluent treatment plant (ETP).  Through the use of an ETP a business, factory, or community can economically use and treat its own water supply to prevent wastage. As such, an ETP not only benefits the business financially, it also helps to improve the community as a whole.

A factory will handle their waste water differently to the municipal wastewater created throughout a community through the sewerage system. Different technologies will be required to treat the waste water, usually dictated by the type of processes the water is originally used.

ETP’s can make use of biological, mechanical, and chemical processes to remove contaminants, sludge, suspended particles, nutrients, and organic pollution from the water so it can be safely discharged into the environment, or re-used. For this reason it’s important to choose a water treatment company who are able to guarantee their client’s will meet all the regulatory discharge requirements of the local environmental policies.

Any ETP which is going to be built on site will require careful consideration of the surrounding landscape. Waste water should have easy passage to the treatment site. Effluent treatment plans can be installed almost anywhere, even on slopes, or between buildings. In the event that an ETP is just not practical then waste water may need to be trucked off site in order to be treated.