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Yearly Subscription

Our different subscription packages gives the service provider a limited number of tender and quotation request participations.


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Select one or more Target Markets, those include Single Units, Buildings and Compounds as well as Communities.


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Select the service categories you cater for, you may only choose categories as per your license activities.


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Basic Fundamental Tools to Increase Business

AED124.00 Per Month When you pay annually

  • Company Profile
    Trial plus Products & Services
  • No of Bids Participation Up to 500
  • No. of Users 3
  • Allowed to Bid
    Can Bid until QR or Tender Reaches 10 Bids. Once 10 Bids received SP can no longer Bid
  • Request Invitations to Tenders   No
  • Ranking in Directory
  • Escrow Service Not Available
  • Maps (Set coverage area) Not Available

Premium Advanced Features and Management

AED208.00 Per Month When you pay annually

  • Company Profile
    Basic plus Portfolio & Team
  • No of Bids Participation Up to 1000
  • No. of Users 5
  • Allowed to Bid
    No Restrictions
  • Request Invitations to Tenders   Yes
  • Ranking in Directory
    Featured. Top of the list
  • Escrow Service Available Coming Soon
  • Maps (Set coverage area) Available Coming Soon